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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  November 1, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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news at 6:00 is >> 7news at 6:00 starts now. >> anchor: now at 6:00, a disturk discovery in north reading when trick-or-treaters come home with cough syrup instead of candy. police are calling the whole thing a misunderstanding, but parents, well, they're demanding answers. 7news is live in north reading with what we know right now. john? >> reporter: well, police say nothing criminal happened here, just a bad idea. but parents still say it's strange to hear about. halloween mistake in north reading. police there say someone on old farm lane left samples of children's cough syrup out for trick-or-treaters saturday night.
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since picked up the box now identified as highlands for kids cold and mucous. >> medicine is a bad idea certainly, for any child to self-medicate or an adult, probably not a good idea. >> reporter: not a good idea but also not malicious according to police. they spoke to the person who left the meds out. judgment. they say he wasn't trying to hurt anyone and this is not a criminal act. >> i wouldn't advise leaving anyone outside for kids to take by themselves. someone could have taken the whole thing. >> now, police are asking if your kids may have been trick-or-treating in that area to check to make sure they didn't take any of this. live in north reading, news. >> and there is a candy scare in auburn, this one turns out to be made up. police received a report yesterday that a razor blade was found underneath the wrapper of a candy were. you see a picture right here. but today police say the story was a hoax.
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interviewing the 11 year old who originally reported it to her mother that she made the entire thing up and it was a hoax. in a sense i'm relieved, because you don't want it to be real, but it's too bad she went to that level. >> anchor: it's still unclear why the 11 year old lied about the whole thing, but auburn police say she will not face charges. right now in burlington, religious leaders are demanding answers after a mosque is vandalized overnight. the vandals allegedly spray painted u-s-a on the outside of the islamic center of burlington. you can see pictures of the spray paint here. the same mosque has been targeted in the past by similar hate attacks. crews are working to repair the damage. also on 7, a dog rushed to the vet after getting stabbed in brockton. witnesses say this alstarted when two dogs began fighting and one of the owners stepped in to break them up. 7's kelley o'hara live in brockton with the details. >> reporter: good evening. brockton police are investigating this doggie
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dog who is stabbed say this attack was unprovoked. >> i thought it was sad to see them stab the doing like that. >> reporter: two dogs fighting takes a dangerous and potentially deadly turn in brockton. witnesses say one man took matters into his own hands. >> he was trying the get his doing off the other dog. he started stabbing the neck, because he was trying to get the dog off because both the dogs were locked up. >> reporter: valerie coon says she's seen the dogs get into it before and saw it again today, but she never expected the owner of one of the dogs to take matters into his own has beens. the dog who was stabbed a pit bull named havoc. his owner says the stabbing was a dispute between neighbors and havoc's owners are praying he'll survive. >> i said, don't worry. he's a big dog, but he's quiet. never bothered anybody. >> has many wounds and he doesn't know if it's going to
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survive yet, but we're still hoping and praying that it will make it. >> reporter: the dog is still at the hospital right now. his condition is unknown. and the police here say they are investigating. in brockton tonight, kelley o'hara, 7news. >> reporter: kelly, thank you. 7news now turning to the weather. as we take a live look out over boston, looks a bit different than it did yesterday. the sun setting earlier tonight after turning the clocks back. but we are learning to a bit of a warmer start to the month november. bri eggers has a first check of your forecast. >> reporter: nick, a new month for us, november 1st today. average high, 57. maybe you were feeling a little off kilter because of the early sunset. well, temperatures feeling off kilter, as well. because it was above average today, into the low 60s. norwood, boston, beverly 56 for worcester. but we continue that warming trend. albeit a little bit breezy today. but that helps to usher in some milder air from the southwest and the temperatures will keep
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going up as we head through this week. clouds will continue to break aparted, not too cold overnight tonight with that milder air coming in to play. 42 to 49 for morning lows and then into tomorrow, lighter winds for us, so those temperatures again in the lower 60s. more sunshine on tap. so how much sunshine do we get with these milder temperatures this week? the extend forecast in just about ten minutes. >> we're following more news today. crews are working to figure out what caused a fire in grafton. officials say the flames started in a weymouth in this home on collette street around 1:00 p.m. there were several people inside, but everyone was able to get out safely. a fishing boat goes up in flame, this is in north falmouth. it all happened around 5:00 a.m. in rand harbor. fire crews were unable to save this 35-foot boat. no word yet on what caused the fire, no injuries were reported. and danvers, a fire destroys a condo unit. the flames started just before
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no people were hurt, but sadly two dogs were killed. the cause of this fire is under investigation. man in haverhill seriously burned after pouring gas on to a fire. this all happened last night outside the home on f street. officials say the man had third-degree burns on 80% of his body. the details surrounding this accident are still unclear. we do know the man was flown to a hospital, his condition is unknown. and we have new details in a york. two men and a child killed when a car plows into a group of trick-or-treaters in the bronx. now police are trying to figure out what went wrong as witnesses recall the terrifying scene. >> reporter: witnesses say they'll never forget what they saw. >> the car flew. it crashed into a bunch of people. >> we just heard the screeching of the car. and then you heard, boom, boom, boom, and then screams. >> reporter: a car veered off the road in new york, jumped a
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curb and plowed into a crud of trick-or-treaters, including three children. witnesses describe seeing children in halloween costumes with horrific injuries. >> the little girl in the cat costume, she's hurt. but she was screaming and she was coherent. but the seven year old... >> reporter: three people were killed, including a young girl. four more were injured, including the driver of the car and a three year old now in critical condition. christina de jesus tried to help a young girl who was knocked unconscious. >> so when she finally came to, i'm just like, don't move, don't move, when i turn back, i'm yelling at everyone, call 911. >> reporter: a huge number of officers combed the scene, and someone's front lawn with neighbors who saw the carnage praying for the victims and praying that what they saw was not real. and investigators right now are looking at whether a medical problem may have caused the crash. new at 6:00, officials say an airliner that crashed in egypt
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broke apart midair shortly after take-off. 224 russian tourists were on board the plane yesterday morning. everyone on board was killed. now investigators are trying to figure out exactly what caused the crash. it was headed to russia from egypt. a man who lost his wife spoke out after he heard the news. >> my wife, where are you from? >> st. petersburg. >> was she on vacation there? >> yes, she went with the children and with the grandfather. the grandfather and the children returned earlier, and she stayed later. >> reporter: police still trying to identify all of the victims from this crash. the final steps to identify the wreckage of the el faro cargo ship continues at this hour. late last night a u.s. navy search team located wreckage in the same area where the ship was lost during hurricane joaquin earlier this month. investigators say the ship was
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found about three miles underwater. now a team is working to survey all the wreckage. tonight families of the ship's crew members say they are hoping to bring the bodies of their loved ones home. >> we hope that something, if nothing else, something can bring us some closure, to have shawn brought back home. >> reporter: the search team expects the identification the last 15 days if there are good sea conditions. two of the more than 30 missing crew members are from massachusetts. keith griffin from winthrop and jeffrey mathias from kingston both graduated from massachusetts maritime academy. marine biologists at the new england aquarium are searching for answers in the death of an endangered sea turtle. they found the 800-pound leatherback turtle floating a mile off woods hole. the turtle looks like it has been dead for a few days possibly because it was caught in a debt and drowned.
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they'll a do a necropsy to check for sure. more than a thousand runners running to raise money for pete's park, a neglected park. his dad said neighbors wanted to raise money to fix the park and make it handicapped accessible, which will cost up to $125,000. >> all the amazing accolades pete has gotten are wonderful, but this is going to be a permanent structure in his name, so we're so tickled and completely amazed at the turnout. > anchor: freddie says the updated park will give his son the ability to watch his daughter play there. straight ahead on 7news at 6:00, you think a deaf football coach would have a difficult time coaching a team, but think again. a!local man is making it work. and trapped in a fishing net, rescuers work for days to save a tangled whale. >> monday...
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>> anchor: a local football coach asked to take a different approach the communicateling on and off the field. players are used to hearing coaches yell from the sideline, but this coach in springfield does it differently because he's deaf. >> go like this. >> craig isn't your average football coach. >> one, two, three. >> anchor: he's deaf and can read lips but can't have conversations with his players or yell from the sidelines, so
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craig uses body language the communicate with his players. >> i tell them what to do. got to bring you arm up. move your shoulder. sometimes i have to show them how to move to communicate. >> anchor: he's had a lot of practice. >> i think anyone can do anything. >> anchor: craig has coached his son darin since he was five years old. darin says he's the best coach for himself and his teammates. >> he motivates the kids to keep going. he teaches them the little coaches might not do. go! >> reporter: william watt isn't says his son has improved dramatically since he started working with craig. >> i think it's great. i think it teaches them, anything you put your mind to, you can achieve. communications. you'll hear. >> good job. >> anchor: after all, football is all about understanding movement, not words. >> good job.
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one more time. >> anchor: and a lesson in overcoming obstacles. many players say coach craig's way of communicati on the field works just fine. coming up, a tangled mess for a whale caught in a fishing net. more on the tireless effort to set it free. >> anchor: okay, so halloween is over. it is november. we'll hold off on the countdown to the holidays because temperatures this week not very november-like. forecast is next. >> reporter: and an nfl record five unbeatens remain alive. the patriots today. and the celtics taking one on the chin friday night against toronto. now they get to take on a team that may be the front-runner to be the champs. see if the celts can hang with
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southern california have freed a whale. it took several teams more than two days to free theman. they stay whale was caught in at least 100 feet of fishing line. marine biologists say the animal now appears to bees healthy. all right. so it was a bit of a gloomy day today, but the temperatures were nice, bri, and the sun set a whole lot earlier than we're used to. >> reporter: yeah, nick, but you were able to get out and enjoy peak fall colors around the city of boston. so still more fall to enjoy. current temperatures holding in the mid to upper 50s. so we're about ten degrees warmer than where we were at just 24 hours ago. still a bit of a breeze kicking around the city of boston. but we're ushering in that milder air. wring it on, right? for tomorrow, you can see that rain shower activity. cloud cover well to the south of us. carolinas and also in georgia. that will bring us temperatures
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filtered into tomorrow. high pressure keeps the rain away. and it looks like a mostly dry week ahead for us. highs tomorrow right around 60 in most spots, but we could even exceed that. maybe into the mid-60s in some those. 64 possible for tomorrow. an we are still on for that booths in the temperatures taking our temperatures out of the month of november, not what we would expect to be heading closer to the holiday season. but rather boosting in jetstream, bringing that flow in from the southwest and temperatures get better and better through this week. we could even see near record highs as we make it into thursday and friday. as you can see, near 7 0e days. that. wednesday. you see 50s on the coastline. that's because there's a back door cold front that's extend -- expected to swing on through. that's one exception. mother nature playing a guessing game. take out the coat and put i away
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>> and now time for 7sports with trey dare. >> we're on to the next team. that's first thing brad said after the game. you can't turn the ball over against san antonio. they're going to score every time. we have to be strong with the balance and play defense. >> reporter: hopefully the message is heard loud and clear. 17 turnovers in a sloppy loss to toronto on friday night. hoping to turn over a new leaf sunday against san antonio, a team with seven straight wins over the celtics. gregg popovich and the spurs also winners of four straight in boston. san antonio with some young guys to deal with along with that veteran big 3. leonard working the give-and-go. aldridge, leonard, the easy finish. celtics shoot 29% in the first half. trying to get something going. david lee with the block. then the outlet up ahead to marcus smart. celtics get within six. smart going for 17. spurs close out strong, though, manu ginobili here, drilling the
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long-distance shot. san antonio up 44-31 as they head to the lockers. third quarter, c's really in need if -- of a spark. marcus smart, showing big-time hustle. tim duncan up ahead to jae crowder. outstanding effort, celts get within 10. the hustle from smart, worth another look. celtics make it a push. fourth quarter, the comeback, still alive, isaiah thomas, slick ball handling and the finish in the lane. that part of a personal 9-0 run. thomas finishing with 15. later the celtics pulling to within five thanks to avery bradley. the slam in the paint one of the best dunks you'll see all year from the celtics. that absolutely worth another look. bradley with the authority. he goes for a team high 18 on the day. the celtics would not get any closer. they turn it over on the inbounds play with 30 seconds left. 16 turnovers on the day for boston. celtics dropping their
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second-straight 95 to 87. >> today we played a lot better than i thought we played on friday. we just couldn't throw the ball in the ocean. and, you know what? i think when we go become and look, i felt pretty comfortable about this as we were playing. we were going to have to make jump shots to extend them because of their length, and we just never did. >> reporter: the patriots with a thursday night head start. neweither the packers or broncos will join them tonight, the two undefeateds meeting in sunday night football. the steelers hosting the bengals. cincinnati down 10-6. under three to go. nine-yard score. bengals out front 13-10. now 16-10. final seconds in the game, ben roethlisberger trying to orchestrate the comeback. no dice. that's out of bounds. cincy 7-0. they win it 16-10. a wild weekend in college
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football. boston college falling to virginia tech. eagles now 0-6 in the acc. hokies' head coach frank beamer announced his retirement shortly after the game. b.c. on its game. flutie out. head coach steve addazio now missed a five-game skid, just trying the keep things upbeat. >> this team is going to grow and develop, and this... you know, the equity we're putting in right now, while it's not paying right now, it's going to pay. it's going to pay dividends. and those are the facts. so, you know, steady the boat. and keep grinding. that's what i told the team. get ready to play north carolina state. >> play of the day, brought to you by capital one. >> saints hosting the giants. drew brees with the flea flicker here. everyone has a lot of trickeration around halloween. deep to willie snead.
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tying an nfl record with seven touchdown passes. new orleans outlasts the giants 52-49, and brees earns our play of the day. big night on sports extra. fred and ron in the house to break down the patriots' 7-0 start. we'll talk about the bruins' turn around. joe jones in to talk terrier hoops. that's all coming up tonight following packers' broncos on sunday night football. and world series, game 5 tonight. matt harvey and edison volquez going after it. the royals look to win the world series in five. that's sports. >> how do you reimagine "banking"? you start with this... then you make it... nothing like this. you make a capital one caf\. someplace more relaxed. with free wi-fi and banking advice... without all the "double talk." and checking accounts with no minimums... or fees.
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>> anchor: that's 7news at 6:00. i'm nick emmons. "nbc nightly news" is next. see you on cw56 and join us here right after sunday night football.
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